These are instructional DVDs based on dribbling. All the exercises are performed by the greatest football stars.
The secrets of Dribbling are demonstrated through enlarged images and action replays. Most of these moves are done in the attacking  phase of the field, that is 25 meters from the goal, where they can have the biggest impact, because good dribbling moves can break down any tactical formation. Each exercise ends with a shot on goal or a cross. By watching the films closely, you can learn them. The DVDs are designed for all levels, from beginners to professionals.


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Thank you for your time and trust


Hello, my name is Dragan Pejic.

Soccer has always been my passion. I attended the soccer school at Sombor and my career continued at Fc Osijek and Belesce, Croatia, after witch I moved to Switzerland. For several years now, I have been working as a coach and analyzing dribbling. Ever sense I was a child I have adored soccer. It’s been my best friend. I’we always found dribbling to be a great challenge. I was grow up in the environment were technique, moves, and a good touch on the ball were more appreciated by the fans than scoring a goal. As a child, i would run home after watching a game in order to try the new dribbling moves i had learned. Often i got it right, but sometimes i had difficulty because i could not remember where to touch the ball, or where to put the plant foot. Many times, i had to escape from the apartment tenants she were disturbed by the banging noise on the walls at early morning hours and at lunch time. As i matured in soccer, I desired that the children after me could have the chance to see dribbling techniques in detail which i had learned throughout my career and be able to implement them. I was able to collect about 100 different  dribbling moves. There are moves by the greatest soccer stars and lesser-known ones, as well as other tricks that no soccer school teaches. After years of studying analyzing and perfecting these fakes, i understood that they could easily be recorded and viewed in detail. As i was ending my soccer career and entering into the world of coaching, i designed my first teaching dads based on dribbling (1: with 25 exercises 2,3 and 4 : with 20 exercises) in which the images are enlarged and in slow motion. You can see hundreds of moves along with about thirty basic exercises to get you started. A major part of these fakes are used in the attacking phase where effective dribbling can break down any tactical formation. Some of the others can be used in the midfield or on defense. My soccer philosophy is that a player should never be in a check-mate position. For this reason, these DVD’s give you the answer on how to be successful  in different situations. I do the demonstrations alone with the assistance of defenders. The action always end with the a shot on goal or with a cross. Dribbling 1,2,3 and 4 were made for all levels, from beginners to professionals. If you have a strong desire, a ” I know, I can ” attitude, i am sure with a lot of work and sweat, these DVD’s can help you have success. If you have any questions, I’m available to explain whatever is needed. Regarding personal demonstrations, you can take advantage of these during the eventual opening of my private soccer school.

     Nothing gets soccer fans of their seats quicker than great dribbling moves. When they are done well, they are enchanting to watch and at the same time a lethal weapon in the attacking phase of the field. I know some cynics may think that dribbling is only a small part of the game but i add a more important aspect that a player must work on and develop.

     Unfortunately, many coaches don’t allow for spontaneity, ability, and techniques in soccer which are lost for the simple reason-they compare them to being selfish. That is, coaches liming the players and stop them from being spontaneous and down allow them to develop. It seems to me that today, dribbling has regained its importance once again. There are more and more coaches that see dribbling as a great wagon and when used correctly, can win games and even championships.

     Dribbling makes players famous as well as their teams because these “selfish” players which vast technical ability, win mode duals thus creating more numbers-up situations which is detrimental in soccer. Here are just a few examples of some of the greatest bulb and their stars : Pele-Santos, Franz Beckenbauer, Charl-Hain, Rumenque, Jurgen Klisman, Michael Ballack, Johan Cruff, Romario, E’too, Ronaldinho, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Van Besten, Ruud Gulit Kaka, Roberto Baggio, Michel Platini, Del Piero, Z.Zidane, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Torres, Drogba, Beckham, Deco, Henry,…Of course we can’t forget the king off soccer, MARADONA

Best Regards Dragan Pejic


International Experience: Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Croatia and more. From beginners to professionals!!!
The trainings are held in LUGANO / PARADISO – Switzerland, canton Ticino. Upon request by parents or soccer clubs,
I can provide local training according to the conditions we may agree.
I personally demonstrate the technical skills. The trainings are done only with the original soccer balls.
Contact in Switzerland: 0041 76 565 7240 or e-mail Vjerans@yahoo.it
The duration of the trainings is 1h 30 min and are based on the following:

1.) Coordination, speed, explosiveness, reaction and change of pace

· With ball
· Without ball

2.) How to defeat the opponent and complete the play -by cross or to shoot to goal- finding the shortest way to score.

3.) Correction of the technique

· Moves with or without the ball (direct passes and mastering of the ball)
· Short pass and long pass
· Ball protection
· Shoots to goal with feet and header
· Shoots with the inside, outside and instep of the foot
· Various types of lobs
· Drop kick
· Shooting with maximum precision
· Cross from static and in motion
· Free kicks over the wall and around
· Perform a double pass from different distances

4.) Dribbling

· Facing the opponent, in place and in motion
· From the side of the opponent, in place and in motion
· From behind, in place and in motion

5.) Improvement of the skills of the football player
6.) Fake shoots
7. ) Several tunnels
8.) Volleys
9.) Inverted / scissors
10. Opening new horizons in soccer



02. – 16. JULY 2018 .



About 07:30 Waking up
08:00 to 08:30 Breakfast
09:00 to 10:30 1 Start training
10:30 to 12:00 Going to the beach
12:15 to 13:00 Lunch
13:00 to 17:30 Going to the beach
18:00 to 19:30 Evening training
20:00 to 20:30 Dinner
20:30 to 23:00 Out to the town and leisure activities

Children will be followed by the team of trainers and
Professor of education Vlasta Pejic


A backpack for training and the beach
4 towels
Minimum 4 training uniforms
A pair of sneakers
A pair of soccer shoes (rubber cleats) and shin guards
A pair of beach slippers
2 swimwear
A cap
A water bottle
Sun cream (minimum 30+) – cream after sun.
The necessary for personal hygiene
Underwear, socks and pajamas
1 pair of long trousers and a sweatshirt
A pair of short shorts and three short-sleeved shirts (for exit)



0041-76-565-7240 (CH)
0041-76-396-9876 (CH)

Drugi Rat (Croatia – 15 km from Split City)
VIA Trevao 105 (Switzerland / 6900 / Lugano)

Call during lunchtime

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